Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New purse!

I love what I make.  But one of the curses of being a creative type is that there is always more.more.more to make!  Last week I finally attacked a project that I actually needed: a new handbag.

I've been needing a new purse for a while and I just didn't feel right spending a ton on something that I didn't love and that didn't make me happy.  So I found some fabulous fabrics, spent less than $20 and 2 hours on it and voila! a purse!

This is what creating is all about.  Taking some raw materials and filling a need in someone's life.

I'll probably be making bags on a trial basis for the store.  If you are interested in working with me on creating one to suit your individual needs and tastes, send me a message and we'll start the process.

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