Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm getting so excited!

Don't forget, there's going to be a big big big announcement tomorrow morning at 8am!  I'm so excited and I can hardly hold it in, but this is a huge endeavor and I'm going to need your support!  Thanks in advance, everyone!

One last time: 50% off!

This is the final day of deals, look for a BIG announcement tomorrow!

One more time, Half Off anything!  If you want a custom item, please email me and I'll get a listing up for you.


Offer valid only on 1/31/2012 on any item at thisclothhouse.etsy.com

Monday, January 30, 2012

Deal day 6: Free Shipping again!

This is day 6 of 7 days of deals.

Free shipping again!  Use code "BUYLOCAL"

Valid only on 1/30/2012 on any item at thisclothhouse.etsy.com.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Deal Day 5: 25%!

This is Day 5 of 7 days of deals

That's right, 25 percent, but only for the first 25 people who use it!  So order quickly!


Code is valid only on 1/29/2012 for the first 25 people who use it.  Valid on any item at thisclothhouse.etsy.com.  If you are interested in a custom listing, message me and we'll set up a listing so you can use the coupon.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 4 deal! Double Prizes!

This is the Day 4 deal, leading up to a big announcement on Feb. 1

Today's deal: with every order placed today you get a BONUS set of 2 white cloth napkins, 12" size.  No code is needed, it will just be added to your order when I pack it up for shipping!

Deal is only valid on 1/28/2012.  Limit of one set of napkins per person.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 3 deal: 1/2 off!

This is day 3 of 7 days of deals.

WOW!  Thank you so much to all of you wonderful fans!  We hit well over 150 "likes" on facebook, and that has gotten you a well earned half off code!

Here's the rules and whatnot:
Only live from 8am 1/27/2012 until 8pm 1/27/2012.
If you want a CUSTOM order, please message me ASAP so we can arrange it.
This coupon is valid only on items in the shop currently, or custom orders for napkins, wipes, or flannel unpaper towels.  This coupon is not valid towards any custom orders of other items (aprons, birdseye unpaper towels, etc).  This coupon is valid on one order per person.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

New blog to check out!

My good friend Beth has started up a new blog: The Frugal Mom's Nom Noms.  She's writing about a lot of things that I love too!  Right now she's got a couple posts up about the basics of paleo and budgeting your grocery bill, but she's going to have TONS of great content.  Check her out!

Deal Day 2- 5% off!

Today is day 2 of the 7 Days of Deals!

Today get 5% off your order with code: 5PERCENT

Coupon is valid on 1/26/2012 on any order from thisclothhouse.etsy.com

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deal Day 1! Buy Local!

Starting today we're doing 7 Days of Deals!  
This is all leading up to a HUGE announcement on February 1,
 so keep your eyes on the blog for some exciting stuff!

Today's deal of the day has a special element for those who are local to me in the Metro Detroit area.

Use code "BuyLocal" and receive free shipping!  Anyone in the US can use this code.  However, if you are local to me in the Dearborn, MI area, you'll also get a special hand delievery!

Code is valid through 1/25/2012 on any order through thisclothhouse.etsy.com

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New product launch!

I'm so excited to announce a new line of products: Hopsack Linen Napkins.  These napkins are my absolute favorite and they are what I use in my home every day.  

Soft, supple, absorbant.  These have a simple design that is really just the best for everyday and for a strong statement when you have a special occasion.

They come in three colors, natural, white and papyrus.  The natural is darker, more "brown", the papyrus is an off white that has a slight yellowish tone when compared to the other two.

A simple white thread is perfect for anyone, but they come in pretty much whatever color you want!  Just ask and I'll see what I can do!

The 12 inch napkins are perfect for everyday.  Not too big, not too small. You can easily keep one for all day use.  

These are the ones I use.  Honestly I am so glad to be done with paper napkins.  These free up my day and are so much more useful than paper.  Not only can I use them as a napkin, but if I need a handy washcloth to wipe down my son it's perfect for that too.  A little spill during dinner?  Now I don't have to rush for a dishcloth or paper towels, my napkin can take care of it without me getting up.

The 16 inch napkins are great for special occasions or a messy dinner!  The larger size is still comfortable in your hand.

Check out the full line in my shop.  

Tell me, what color thread would you pick for your napkins?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration: Ma Ingalls

Growing up I read a lot of different books.  One of my absolute favorite series was the Little House books, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The stories she told of growing up in small towns across the Midwest were amazing to me.  It seemed impossible that anyone could have lived without our modern luxuries, but at the same time there was something so romantic about it all.

Some of my favorite stories in those books were the ones that talked of their every day life.  Butchering a pig was a big to-do, but the little things that Ma Ingalls did in the house have stuck with me.  She was the ideal home maker, managing her home efficiently and getting it all done.

Nowadays, we need to remember that things are pretty easy now.  We don't have to worry about a "Long Winter" with no food.  We can still learn something though from the "olden times".

Learn canning and preserving.  Invest in a side of beef and support a local farmer.  Shop locally.  Grow your own produce.  Wear your apron proudly and get it dirty every day!  Get inspired by some country living!

Did you read the Little House books?  What story has stuck with you?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make the switch: clean with cloth!

It's a new year and everyone's making resolutions on ways to improve themselves.  Maybe you're hitting the gym, eating better or implementing a consistent "me time".  Have you thought about switching to using cloth in your cleaning routine?

This was one of the first things I did as I switched to a more green home life.  It started off simply enough by registering for dish and hand towels when I got married.  It was a no brainer to have hand towels to dry my hands with and it made perfect sense to get the matching dish cloths, even if I didn't plan to use them to wash dishes.   Now though, those dish cloths are getting pretty ratty from use!

If you have cloths sitting in a drawer or closet, pull them out.  Evaluate them and decide how you are going to use them.  Are they cotton?  Microfiber?  Did you know that microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning windows and mirrrors, you don't even need Windex!  Maybe you can start using the dish cloths as dish cloths instead of buying sponges.  Cloth gets better with use, it will become softer, more absorbent.  And you got those to use them, not have them sit where no one can see them!

So tell me, what is your favorite way to use cloth as you clean?  Bonus points if you share a picture of your favorite old rag on the facebook page!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Inspirational Blogs

In my journey to a more natural lifestyle, I've really been encouraged by some great blogs who really inspired me.  In a particular way, they really helped to educate me about natural living and WHY we should do it.  I'd love for you to check out these blogs and learn some things yourself!

Heavenly Homemakers
Laura mainly taught me about making my own vanilla!  It's something I've wanted to do for a while, and still have yet to try it.  She's also got lots of great tips on pretty much any homemaking subject.  She's also a great resource on baking/cooking topics.

Keeper of the Home
Stephanie covers a lot of really great topics with some good coverage of some sort of "out there" diets that have become very normal to me.

Kitchen Stewardship
Katie has probably been my biggest influence, especially with her Monday Missions.  From easy things that anyone can do, to hard  things that I haven't attempted yet, she really helps push you towards a natural home.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Welcome to the This Cloth House blog!

I'm Rachel and I'm excited!  Please, do not be surprised if there are a ton of exclamation points in this post.

Let me introduce myself.  I'm a middle 20's mom and housewife, who also runs an etsy shop and works out of the house at a Banquet Hall.  I am an epic reader, I've always been one to read anything and everything and the last few years I've read a lot of "housewife" blogs.  It started as a kick in the butt to do more in my own home after getting married, and over the past few years I've gleaned a lot of knowledge! All that know how has turned into a huge passion for natural home making, especially using beautiful fabrics in your everyday life.

A little swatch of fabric is something that can bring beauty and joy into something as mundane as wiping the kitchen counter or a babies butt.  And now, with my etsy shop, I'm hoping to bring some of that beauty into lots of other lives!

So join me on my blog.  I'll be talking about different products in my shop, some different tips and techniques that you can use around your home, and I'll be pointing you in the direction of some of my favorite blogs.  I'll probably talk about my home and kids in there too!

I can't wait to travel with you on this journey!  See you next time!