Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Announcing: 15 days, 15 Hundred

I'm so excited to announce the start of my kickstarter project. First, let me tell you a little bit about what kickstarter is! is an amazing website that helps fund creative projects. Here's how the process works.

-An artist/creator sets a goal. They offer rewards based on the amount a backer donates.

-A backer pledges a certain amount of money.

-A lot of other backers pledge enough to hit the goal

-Once the goal is hit, if time remains before the project closes, the project can continue receiving pledges.

-If the goal is NOT hit, then none of the pledges go through.

-If the goal is hit, the backers pay their pledge amount.

-The artist then creates the rewards and sends them out to the backers.

-Then the artist takes their money and creates!

My project is very important to me. My goal is this:

To develop This Cloth House into a leader in education about using cloth products in the home. I'm raising funds to develop initial inventory and sample products as well as to get marketing materials.

One of my big goals is to put together a party kit, so that I can go to people homes and teach them about cloth and sustainable living. Yes, I'd be your cloth house "Mary Kay lady".

I look at my products not as just something to sell. Cloth inspires me. The feel of a piece of fabric, its weight, its colors and patterns... there's something magical about it. These items are pieces of beauty, that not only bring frugality into fashion, but truly help a family express their personal style.

Right now, there's 200 facebook fans. In order to hit my goal of $1500 you would only have to each donate $7.50. That's a meal at McDonalds, or maybe a coffee and pastry at Starbucks. Do you think you can help me out?

I've come up with some amazing awards. There's anything from a handwritten thank you note, up to Two Clean Kitchen Sets, that contain a dishwashing apron, 20 unpaper towels, 6 napkins and 2 hand towels for you and a friend. I'm not just in this to meet my goal, I'm also in it to help bring my vision into your home.

Please consider helping me meet my goal at my kickstarter page. We've only got 15 days to meet this goal! If you can help THANK YOU so much. If you don't have the funds at this time, THANK YOU for reading this and supporting me in spirit. Please share this with your friends. I'm going to need all the help I can get! And if we get past the goal and exceed it, man oh MAN will I have some sort of fantastic something for all you loyal fans!

And here's the link, one more time:

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